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CNC bending machine

CNC bending machine

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  CNC bending machine its essence is carried out on the thin plate bending of CNC bending machine mold, the mold is made up of stents, workbench and clamping plate, through to the electrical wire coil of platen of gravity, thus accomplishes the clamping plate between the pressure plate and the base. Because the electromagnetic force clamping method was adopted, making the clamp according to the specific requirements for production of workpiece, the operation is simple, but also to work with lateral wall of the workpiece.
  CNC bending machine has different models, common type G, F, WC67K type, etc. Plastic plate CNC bending machine, based on the principle of soft melting plastic heating welding developed, it is suitable for all Angle of thermoplastic materials. Nc plastic plate bending machine mold, has the following characteristics: bending directly, without joining together, without slot, don't need a electrode, the Angle of the appearance it hold water, at the same time, processing speed, Angle processing surface appearance, high strength, it will be hand soldered into fully automatic machine operation, improve the quality, improve the work efficiency, reduce the labor cost, shorten the production cycle of products.
  Mainly adopts WE67YK series structure of sheet metal bending machine; By SDS - 3 pb bending machine fully closed loop nc system, two grating ruler, a photoelectric encoder feedback real-time detection, the stepping motor drive screw of full closed loop control. Two grating ruler; A behind to, a real time detection to the position of the slider feedback correction; Photoelectric encoder to detect the location of the oil cylinder die block is feedback to nc system.

  1, direct programming for Angle, Angle compensation function.

  2, raster ruler real-time detection feedback correction, full closed-loop control, the die slide block and block behind assumed that a precision of + / - 0.02 mm.

  3, fast clamping device for the upper die, lower die adopt bevel wedge deformation compensation mechanism.

  4, has the multiplex programming function, can realize more run automatically, complete step multiplex parts one-time processing, improve production efficiency.

  5, according to user requirements can be stable performance, compact structure of the imported hydraulic system behind, can choose ball screw, synchronous belt transmission.

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