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Common problems

Bending machine of common failures process should pay attention to what?

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  Bending machine of common faults of hydraulic transmission and electric control is not intuitive, troubleshooting brings much inconvenience to us, whenever the malfunctioning of the machine tool, many users tend to feel do not know how to start. Even some users often asked where bending machine is easy to fail, there is no way to answer this question. Because both hydraulic system and electric control system, the fault is randomness. Hydraulic pressure system of any valve was chocked up with stolen goods, or a contact in the electrical system is loose, can affect the operation of the bending machine. So fault phenomenon and reason of the failure is not a one-to-one relationship, every failure can cause this phenomenon but corresponds to a range of the cause of the problem.
  Therefore, we in the bending machine maintenance shall be determined according to the fault phenomenon first bending machine out of the scope of the cause of the problem, according to the principle of from easy to difficult, step by step to confirm until failure. From easy to difficult is to find the cause of the problem must follow the principle of the rule, which would require maintenance personnel easy to confirm the suspicion to confirm first, provide the basis for further analysis. So it can avoid the blindness in the process of maintenance, improve the efficiency of troubleshooting, and prevent the failure of expanding.
  Let's to some common fault analysis, bending machine to help you master the basic method of bending machine maintenance. And the numerical control system and servo drive some of the alarm information, convenient in maintenance work for everyone.

Hydraulic failure analysis: according to the bending machine hydraulic principle diagram can be seen that the slider up oil to: oil pump - EVH9 P mouth - EVH9 - EVH10 port B P mouth - EVH10 port A mouth - EVH14 P - EVH14 port A - cylinder inferior vena, the above three valve die any card will make the slider no upward, we can be sentenced by measuring EVH9 feedback signals Whether the valve is stuck, if EVH9 feedback signal, feedback signal and measurement of indicated that the valve is not jammed, otherwise servo valve core was jammed, must be washed. As for EVH10 and EVH14 by stabbing the valve core can know whether valve core is jammed. If the above three valve is no problem, you should consider the pressure control part, may be due to pressure is not enough. 11 valve, check valve, see if there is a problem, if there is pressure table, measure the pressure of the cylinder inferior vena will soon be able to judge the malfunction.

  Bending electrical failure analysis: according to the identification method described earlier, if there is no need to electric EVH9 or EVH 5 belongs to the fault of electric system, and how to deal with? We will discuss EVH9 or EVH 5 no electric power respectively discussed. EVH 5 no electricity: EVH 5 is proportional pressure valve, it is by the pressure valve amplifier and PLC control the corresponding output 176. By measuring 175176 can determine which part of the fault. EVH 9 no electricity: first measure of A20, C20 see numerical control system for a given signal output, such as no should check the status of a digital I/O, namely J24 1.8, 2.1, 1.5 J26, 1.6 should have electricity. Such as A20, C20 have given signal output, and then measuring the output of the servo valve amplifier C6, C8 can judge of servo valve amplifier. 2) slider no fast forward fast forward slide block is made of inferior vena oil return, depend on the weight of the slider in the cavity form negative pressure produced by the oil absorption. According to the machine tool hydraulic principle diagram can be seen as EVH9, EVH10 and EVH14 should have electricity. We did as a fault processing method, first check EVH9, EVH10 and EVH14 electricity situation to determine what is hydraulic system failure or electrical system failure, then respectively discussed.

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