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The shearing machine equipment maintenance and maintenance

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  Shearing machine equipment maintenance:
  By wiping in general method for equipment cleaning, lubrication, adjustment of nursing, in order to maintain and protect equipment to construction machinery performance and technology conditions, referred to as the equipment maintenance. Has four main equipment maintenance requirements.

  (1), the slip surface equipment inside and outside the whole mining machinery clean clean, screw, rack, gear box, the place such as oil hole not each part of the oil spill, not leak, equipment around the chip, sundry, to clean, dirt mechanical engineer.

  (2) the neat tools, accessories, artifacts (product) should be placed neatly, pipe, line should be organized;

  (3) good lubrication Gas or oil change according to schedule, continuous oil, swear "phenomenon, oil pressure is normal, oil standard bright, oil flow, meets the requirements of oil, oil gun, oil cup, linoleum clean;

  (4) to observe the safety ope
  Equipment maintenance content generally includes routine maintenance, regular maintenance, regular hangzhou machinery inspection and precision inspection, maintenance equipment lubrication and cooling system is an important content for equipment maintenance.
  Equipment and daily maintenance of washing machine is a fundamental work for equipment maintenance, must achieve institutionalization and standardization. The equipment regular maintenance work to formulate work quota and material consumption quota rich machinery and carries on the appraisal according to the norm, equipment preventive maintenance contract responsibility system to examination content should be included in the workshop. Equipment regular inspection is a kind of preventive check, in a planned way machinery industry inspection means besides person senses, but also have to check the tools and instruments, according to the regular check card, check and some mechanical drawing software called check regularly. The machinery and equipment also should be checked for accuracy, capability, to determine the actual precision equipment.
  Equipment maintenance should be performed according to the maintenance of Qingdao mechanical rules. Equipment maintenance procedures is to equipment daily maintenance requirements and regulations, adhere to perform equipment maintenance procedures can prolong the service life of equipment including citizen mechanical watch, safe and comfortable working environment. Its main contents should include.

  (1) devices to achieve clean, lubrication, strong, engineering machinery for anti-corrosion, places such as safe operation content, operation methods, instruments and materials used, reach to the standard and the matters needing attention,.

  (2) the daily sun mechanical parts inspection maintenance and regular check, methods and standards.

  (3) check and assess operating workers maintenance equipment to content and method of glass machinery, etc.

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