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Shearing machine technology development trend

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  Shearing machine as the development of science and technology and the improvement of shearing machine manufacturing technology, and increasing social demand for shearing machine product diversification, plate shears rapid upgrading of products, varieties of shearing machine products, the shearing machine production scale has been mass produced by the past way mainly to produce with medium and small batch take turns dominant situation, to promote the development of the shearing machine nc machine tools.

  A ends to expand on the development of numerical control machine direction, the end is the development of high technology, high function of CNC shearing machine products, on the other side is the development of simple and easy, cheap CNC shearing machine machine tools and both manual and function of the manual type CNC shearing machine machine, produce with contentment in the multi-level demands.

  In the current general economic CNC shearing machine lathes, automatic feed movement of the longitudinal and lateral direction driven by stepping motor servo, total need two sets of servo system. In ordinary shearing machine lathe, the longitudinal and transverse shearing machine feed movement by self-locking mechanical transmission to realize each other, can't realize two coordinates linkage function. Not contour cutting machine lathe, it has two sit plate shears the linkage function, can be turning cylinder, cone surface and circular arc surface, etc. Oblique profiling movement in its scale samples are under the control of (hard) profiling, through the hydraulic servo control system, make corresponding to the longitudinal feed movement Lord copying feed, so as to realize the function of the linkage of the two coordinates.

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