Cold forming 100 t2500 surge force general hydraulic bending machine bending


  Hydraulic bending machine including stent, workbench and clamping plate, workbench on the bracket, the workbench and platen oil base, the base through the hinge is connected with the clamping plate, the base is composed of shell, the coil and plate, coil placed inside the shell of the sag, the depression at the top of the cover plate.
  When used by a conductor to coil electricity, after electrify produces gravity to clamp, so as to realize the clamping plate between the pressure plate and the base. With the electromagnetic clamping, making plate can be made into a variety of workpiece requirements, but also to have a wall of workpiece processing.

  Hydraulic bending machine to use:

 1, the first is connected to the power supply, open the key switch on the control panel, and then according to the oil pump starts, so you will hear the rotation of the pump. (the machine not action)

  2, the stroke control, bending machine use must pay attention to adjust stroke, before bending test. Bending machine die down to the bottom when must make the pledge that we shall have a thickness of the gap. Otherwise, can cause damage to the mold and machine. Stroke is the regulation of electric adjustment and manual stomach.

  3, bending notch, notch in general to choose the thickness 8 times the width of the. Such as plate bending 4mm, need to choose about 32 slot.

  4 behind, adjust usually have electric adjustment and manual fine tuning, method with the plate shears.

  5, stepped on the foot switch to bending, bending machine and shearing machine is different, can loosen, loosen the feet bending machine is stopped, the step to continue downward.

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