The daily maintenance and maintenance of CNC system


  The daily maintenance of numerical control system mainly includes the following:

  1. In strict accordance with the CNC shearing machine, CNC bending machine operating system procedures.

  2. Should be less as far as possible, the door is open electrical locked in addition to the maintenance of the best electrical box. Because, in the mechanical processing workshop often contain oil mist, dust in the air, once they fall into CNC system on the printed circuit board or electrical components of the easy cause components of the insulation resistance is reduced, and even cause the damage of circuit board or electrical components.

  3. Regularly cleaned numerical control device of the cooling ventilation system, in order to prevent the nc device overheating, chip burn out. So often should check whether the radiator is normal, the cooling air is obstructed.

  4. Regularly test power grid voltage, especially high load power, voltage instability region.

Numerical control system generally allow power grid voltage fluctuations in the range of 85% ~ 110% of rating, otherwise it will cause nc system can not work normally, even can cause damage of numerical control system of the internal electronic components.

  5. Storage with regular inspection and replacement of the battery

  Usually, the numerical control system in the part of the CMOS memory storage content in rely on battery power remain in power. Generally USES a button battery. When the battery voltage drops to a certain value, can cause data loss, so the battery voltage should be inspected regularly. When the battery voltage drops to limit or battery voltage alarm, will replace the battery in time. Replacing the battery will make the numerical control system under the current status, this will not cause the loss storage parameters. Once the data is missing, after changing the battery, to input parameters.

  6. Numerical control system for a long time without maintenance

  When nc machine tools sit idle for a long time, also want to regular folded bending machine mould numerical control system for maintenance. In the machine tool is not electricity, with a backup battery to power a chip, the data unchanged. Machine tool on the battery when the voltage is too low, usually alarm prompts on the display screen. In the long-term when not in use, should often electricity to check to see if there is alarm prompt, and replace the backup battery in time. Often electricity can prevent electrical components be affected with damp be affected with damp be affected with damp be affected with damp or printed circuit board is short circuit or open circuit and other long-term unused machine, electricity at least twice a week or more.