Characteristics of hydraulic CNC bending machine


  Characteristics of electro hydraulic synchronous CNC bending machine:

  1. On both sides of the main oil cylinder synchronization with German import electro-hydraulic servo valve and the grating ruler Germany HEIDENHAIN company constitute a closed loop control, feedback precision, slider running accurately, so that the bending precision, slider high repeat positioning accuracy.

  2. Using automatic hydraulic convex compensation system, solve the slider in the process of bending deformation on the quality of the workpiece. By numerical control system automatically adjust compensation amount, convenient and accurate.

  3. Behind the fully functional organization, can choose behind control multiple axis. The feature of behind. Such as guide rail, screw, bearing selects the original import, to ensure that after the keep-off keep-off precision.

  4. The fuselage USES the overall welding structure, easy to transport, easy processing, can guarantee the high precision of the machine tool.

  5. The fuselage, the slider, and other important parts adopt finite element analysis software ANSYS to carry on the analysis, to ensure reliability of machine tool.

  6. The hydraulic system USES the German import integrated control system, reduce the piping installation, improve the working stability of the machine tool, the beautiful appearance is concise.

  7. The CNC system adopts DA65W, DA56, DA53 DELEM company in Holland.

  8. On both sides of the fuselage with C plate, high precision grating ruler is installed on the C plate, avoiding the effect of bending moment and deformation can be folded in half bent.